Human Resources

Our human resource consist of a carefully selected blend of experienced, highly competent professionals and young, energetic and intelligent professionals selected for their potential. Staff members consisting of Professional Engineering Technologists, Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians, Technologists, Draughting specialists, complement the company.

Community Development Programmed

  • Small contractor development and training
  • Community development and capacity building
  • Community liaison and project facilitation


ECE Engineers partners with companies that enhance Black Economic Empowerment, affirmative Action and employment equity in South Africa. ECE confirms its commitment to achieving and maintaining quality and reliability for its products and services through interaction, networking and forming joint ventures (where necessary) with recognised specialist consultants.

Employment Equity

ECE Engineers is committed to an ongoing process of developing organisational ethos, and an innovative set of policies and procedures for staff empowerment, ensuring that tokenism does not form part of our strategy. We comply with all aspects of the Employment Equity Act and Skills Development Act.